Junkyard Portrait Session | Birthday Girl: Brianna

Today my little sister turns 19!  Every birthday is important but I really wanted to do something special for her this time.  Brianna loves photography and has been dying to have a junkyard portrait session.   Yesterday we had the perfect opportunity to explore and capture some beautiful images.  We were blessed with the perfect location.  It was so much fun having the junkyard to ourselves because we are both car lovers and enjoy seeing through the rust and missing parts to the classic beauties underneath.  We also meandered into a nearby cornfield to mix it up a little.  🙂  Here are some of the images I shot of Bri, a true beauty.


Junkyard portrait session Briannabirthday1994-4 junkyard portrait session Briannabirthday1994-2 Briannabirthday1994
junkyard portrait session Briannabirthday1994-5 junkyard portrait session Briannabirthday1994-8

Isn’t she just completely stunning?  I love creating the perfect portrait session for someone.  It is fun to learn what you want and how you envision your portrait session during the initial consultation.  Then I have the opportunity to bring your dream to life by fitting all the necessary pieces together.  After we have the perfect location, props and various other things, then we get to make it happen.  The best part of the whole process is near the end when you will finally get to see your beautiful pictures.


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