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What to expect

From the moment you contact me, to the moment I deliver your treasures, I want to make this your most enjoyable photography experience. Whether you contact me by phone or email, you can expect a quick response within 24 hours so that you never have to be in the dark!

Each photo session is unique and includes a design consultation.  We can get together and chat over coffee about your vision for the session and discuss how to make this the perfect photo session for you.  If you’d like, I can even come to your home to discuss your wall gallery options so that I can craft your vision and beautiful experience into art that you can use to create that pinterest perfect room in your home that you’ve been dying to have!  Galleries guaranteed to make your guests gasp . . . . and the best part?  You won’t have to even lift a finger or take time out of your busy schedule! I design your gallery options for you!

As I mentioned before, each session is completely unique to your vision and particular desires. We will go to a location that best fits this vision.  This could be a park, a farm, forest or even your home.  My style is mainly photojournalistic, meaning that there won’t be an overabundance of posing.  This is an opportunity for you to have a great time with your loved ones and have an amazing experience.  There is no need to worry about any of the details because I will have it under control so that you can let go, relax, and just have a great time!

At the design consultation we will have already scheduled your in home viewing session a week or two after the photo shoot.  This is where you get to see the photos you’ve been waiting for!  Each picture has been individually and artistically edited in order to provide you with the best possible artwork to display in your lovely home.  Once you place your order and your products arrive, I will hand deliver your treasures myself.

Get in touch with me to plan your perfect photography session or get to know me a little better first!

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