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Let me tell you a secret…. one that is essential for you to know if you’d like to be my friend or at least get to know me.   This secret is usually the first thing that comes to mind when people think of me and is sometimes the only thing people know about me.  In fact, this secret is completely obvious and honestly, really isn’t a secret at all (unless you missed the meet arika page).  Sorry to let you down! Anyways… I know you still want to know the secret even though it isn’t really a secret at all, so……   

I love animals.


That’s it!

I love animals with every fiber of my being and relish in any time that I can spend with my horses or snuggle with my Great Danes.

A little while ago, I was asked if I planned on delving into pet photography because of my love for animals.  The most true answer for this question is that I have rarely failed to think about it.  I love animals and I love photography, so why not put them together?  One of my very first inspirations to become a photographer is from the work of Rachael Hale (her current work can be found here).

So, naturally, when I was given the wonderful opportunity to photograph Bella I couldn’t resist!  And seriously… she is a natural!  Her brother Brody was so cute that I had to pull him in for a shot too!


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Central Ohio pet portraits

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Don’t Bella and Brody have the sweetest faces?

delaware ohio pet photography


What a helpful brother too…..

Bella (13)

central ohio dog portraits


I know many of you are looking at these pictures and thinking to yourself that your dog could never behave so well to pose for pictures like Bella.  I assure you that Bella’s Mom was in disbelief and awe when she saw how wonderfully Bella appeared in her photos.  She also could not imagine that her dog could behave so well to have her pictures taken.

If you love your animals as much as I do, having them photographed is a decision you would never regret.

Having photos of our fur babies and best friends allow us to cherish them forever.

Please contact me if you would like to cherish any of your loved ones with custom portrait photography!


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